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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 4/18/2024.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
4/18/2024 CO-DN-329Denver 5.1 SSE 0.01 According to radar data, a possible outflow boundary brought brief light rain about 09Z (3am).   View 
4/18/2024 CO-JF-504Arvada 3.6 WSW 0.04 overnight freezing drizzle   View 
4/18/2024 CO-LR-40Loveland 1.5 N 0.12 Nice warm day yesterday with partly cloudy skies for most of the day. Clouds came in later in the evening and snow began around midnight, tapering off a couple hours later. Cloudy and cold this morning. High yesterday 76°, low 32°. Currently cloudy and 33°.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-YU-68Wray 4.2 NNE 0.00 Sunny, warm. Early evening wind became strong, bringing cold air.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-LR-687Loveland 2.7 E 0.11 yesterday's high 73 F (23C), windy p/c day, mowed successfully! dry at 22:00 and 49F. overnight low 35F (2C), all WHITE!! snow on roofs and grassy surfaces. calm, low overcast w/Rockies hidden, RH 67%.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-AR-292Englewood 1.4 N 0.01 Light mist during measurement. News Said there was some snow mixed with rain but no indication of that on location.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-AR-319Aurora 10.0 SSE T Freezing mist collecting on cold surfaces.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE 0.00 38 degrees, heavy overcast with light wind. Mountains are not visible to west. Cooler today in the 50s. Light showers possible.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-JF-201Littleton 8.2 WSW 0.04 32° & light freezing drizzle at report time   View 
4/18/2024 CO-MT-64Montrose 4.5 SSE 0.00 4/18 pleasantly warm, turned very breezy/windy during the afternoon. 48 at present time.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-WE-606Milliken 1.0 ENE 0.02 7SM -SHRA BKN025 OVC040 (CUFRA) 8/7// RMK SHSN DSNT NW-SW SPRKLS; Surprise snow showers overnight   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-468Louisville 1.6 NNE 0.06 “Snow” is really frozen slush   View 
4/18/2024 CO-WE-589Greeley 1.3 E 0.08 Snow mainly on turf.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-OR-2Ouray .23 NNW 0.00 P. Sunny   View 
4/18/2024 CO-JF-331Golden 12.5 NW 0.02 21F fog, freezing drizzle, calm. Heavy rime. Some actual snow fell yesterday evening.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-LR-1234Fort Collins 1.2 SE 0.25 Light snow started to fall sometime after 9 PM on Wednesday, 17 April 2024. At obs time, very light snow continues from a low overcast. Air temperature approx 32F. Snow is only on grass and elevated surfaces. Pavement bare and almost dry in spots. Snowboard not out for this event.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-JF-72Broomfield 2.3 SSW 0.01 Light drizzle, freezing drizzle in a few, but not all spots, and a few graupel at 0652 obsv time.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-LR-1317Livermore 11.1 W T dusting of snow   View 
4/18/2024 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N 0.00 Thi 78 @ 15:42 ....... @ Obs: 32.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-AR-262Aurora 2.1 W T Freezing rain started between 4-6AM. Very light freezing rain, 32 F at 7 AM today. 5 drops of water in the gauge.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-AR-381Bennett 10.8 SSW T Early morning very light freezing drizzle. At 0700: 28F, NNE winds at 10 mph, fog and light freezing drizzle, visibility ~1 mile.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-4Boulder 2.9 S 0.18 freezing drizzle, ice on vegetation and cars   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-8Lafayette 0.4 WSW 0.04 Mo cldy under small-wave clouds. Breezy aftn. FROPA 1735, with early evening RW-. RWU early am, then SGU after 03L. .02" rain, .1"/.02" SG. 49F/78F/37F   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-57Nederland 5.8 E 0.05 23º; SE to 5mph; socked in with sleet. Gauge catch yielded 0.04" SWE.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E 0.06 After a high of 75 FROPA just before 1800 with a few sprinkles then some light showers off and on. By ~0230 some S- began, must have been mixed with freezing drizzle at times as outside of gage ice coated. A little snow shower just before 0700. 0.2" on elevated surfaces mainly.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-146Lyons 0.3 NNE 0.14 Overnight snow, continuing at observation time. Low 33F.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-286Boulder 3.5 S 0.13 light rain, frz rain, and snow at time of observation. Gauge had a layer of ice outside and inside the cylinder. Grass was "crunchy" with ice but streets and sidewalks are just wet as far as I can tell   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW 0.06 Temperature range: 37-78 Snow and sleet during the night. Snow and sleet on the snowboard was less than o.1 inches. (was 0.02" measured very accurately)   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-435Longmont 3.0 SW T Rain began around 6 am (just light), then snow showers began around 7 15 am. Thirty degree drop in high temperature from yesterday to today. WOW!   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-437Boulder 2.1 W 0.15 Rain mixed w snow began overnight. Currently we have light rain and it’s 34°F.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-476Boulder 2.9 ESE 0.07 mix of rain and melted ice and snow   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-490Boulder 1.5 WNW 0.03 Light rain/snow mixture   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-496Boulder 1.5 NNW 0.01 continuous fall of a light rain/snow mix   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-571Longmont 3.1 WSW 0.01 Rain started around 6:15am on the 18th. Had ended by 7:00a. In the meantime the temperature dropped below freezing and the rain froze. A thin layer of ice covered everything, including the fain funnel. I had to thaw it to get the measurement. 0.4 mm is 0.015 inches.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-593Longmont 2.3 ENE T Some frozen precipitation visible on rooftops etc.. at 33 degrees this morning.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-596Boulder 1.9 SE 0.02 30F overcast light snow. Ice on tube.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-BO-599Lafayette 0.7 WSW 0.06 Rain and Ice   View 
4/18/2024 CO-CF-53Buena Vista 0.6 WNW 0.00 Mostly cloudy this morning. 40 degrees, 63% humidity, barometer rising from 22.36 inHg, wind about 5 mph.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-CC-2Evergreen 5 W 0.02 Freezing drizzle. Ice on the snowboard.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-CR-18Ordway 3.5 W 0.00 Very strong NE wind hit around 10-:00 p.m. and continued through the night. Breezy, cloudy and cool this a.m.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE 0.01 Currently overcast and misting. Tube coated in ice. Windscalm   View 
4/18/2024 CO-DG-218The Pinery 1.2 ESE 0.01 30 degrees with mist   View 
4/18/2024 CO-DG-292Parker 3.5 WNW T frozen glaze on the pavement   View 
4/18/2024 CO-DG-336Lone Tree 0.6 SSE 0.03 Ice from freezing drizzle on some exposed surfaces at observation time   View 
4/18/2024 CO-DG-347Castle Rock 0.8 N T Freezing drizzle overnight. Deck and rain gauge were coated in a thin layer of ice. No ice on pavement. Overcast and foggy at obs.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-DG-351Highlands Ranch 0.2 ENE 0.02 31 F & very light freezing drizzle   View 
4/18/2024 CO-DG-361Highlands Ranch 3.2 SW T Very cloudy. Grass and sidewalks are wet, but only a trace collected in the gauge.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW 0.01 Wednesday morning was mostly cloudy and cool. The afternoon was a mix of sun and clouds. Our high temperature was about 50 degrees. Our current temperature is 32 degrees with a mostly cloudy sky and a beautiful pink sunrise. A few drops fell sometime during the night.   View 
4/18/2024 CO-EL-89Elizabeth 6.2 SSW T Light mist on grass   View 
4/18/2024 CO-EL-102Elizabeth 4.1 NE T freezing fog at 7am   View 
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