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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: NY-WY-11
Station Name: Silver Springs COOP
Report Date: 9/23/2023
Submitted: 9/23/2023 7:06 AM
Scale Bar: Mildly Dry
Sunny and warm with light winds, then partly cloudy overnight. The high temperature was around seventy two degrees, and the low around forty seven degrees Fahrenheit. Songbirds are eating consistently. Gardens need watering, vegetable production is poor.  Jerusalem Artichokes, Purple Asters and Goldenrod are in full bloom. Apples are ripening.  Blackbird and swallow flocks are forming.  Early corn is being harvested.  Woodland undergrowth is dying back. Close to 75 percent of trees are getting leaf color, some leaves are falling.
Categories: General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife