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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: FL-MA-10
Station Name: Bradenton 10.8 SE
Report Date: 2/24/2024
Submitted: 2/24/2024 7:46 AM
Scale Bar: Mildly Wet
FIRE - With over 2ins of precipitation earlier in the week, our soil condition is slightly wet but mostly near normal.
ENERGY - Our temperatures continue to be near normal with doors open during the daytime.  NIghtime temperatures are also now near normal.  Heat runs early in the day but is not needed until the sun sets.
GENERAL - Gauged by “THE BEACHES OF SUMMERFIELD LAKE” our ponds are near normal shoreline levels and the lakes have gained getting back to normal.  Basically,  the last two weeks have been very close to Florida Vacation Weather, cool nights and warm days.  The only weather feature NOT NORMAL has been Average Wind velocity and Gusts.  Hard to play golf when your ball starts coming back at you!
Categories: General Awareness