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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: IL-BN-19
Station Name: Belvidere 5.0 NNW
Report Date: 2/24/2024
Submitted: 2/24/2024 7:29 AM
Scale Bar: Near Normal
Well the NWS and other forecasters did predict a warmer and dryer than normal winter.  And discounting the mind blowing, back to back, 29.00” low pressure storm systems last January, they pretty much nailed it.  So far.  Our humdrum warm weather lately was interrupted yesterday evening with 1.6” of snow, our first snow of the month.  Currently for February, local precipitation increased from 0.28” to 0.40”.  Going forward, more active weather is forecast.  Locally, waterways are near normal and the soil is still fairly moist so it looks like near normal soil conditions will remain despite the ongoing dearth of appreciable precipitation.  Some trees are budding already and some maples are dripping sap onto my driveway.  Daffodils are sprouting, the grass is slowly greening and most days it feels like spring, except it’s still winter.  A couple of geese have been hanging out nearby and I saw my first robin Thursday, a few weeks earlier than last year.  I had thought Old Man Winter would have returned for more than a brief visit by now.  But, who knows, March has yet to arrive and even April could surprise us with his unseasonable reappearance.
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