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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: WI-CB-4
Station Name: Portage 5.7 WSW
Report Date: 6/18/2024
Submitted: 6/18/2024 6:04 AM
Scale Bar: Near Normal
I was unable to put out my report the past several weeks.  My neighborhood has pulled out of the severe drought since May.  We have been in a rainy period since then.  It has hampered late planting and haying for farmers.  There were large areas of ponding in low areas. It also made muddy conditions for outdoor construction.  MY totals so far are 114% (5.28") above normal YTD.  Everything is green and growing.  Ditches, marshes, sloughs are in good shape.  After not having mosquito's the past 3 years, they have emerged with a vengeance.  They are so thick in the headlights it looks like driving in snow!!! 
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