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Hail Report  
Hail Report Information
Station Number: CO-JF-267
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Station Name: Golden 9.4 WNW
Date: 8/23/2007 10:12 PM
Submitted 2/17/2009 4:49 PM
Taken at registered location: True
Notes: I was out of town the night of Aug 13. My wife reported that she was awakened at 10:12 PM 8/13/07 by the rattle of large, hard hail stones on our concrete tile roof. The large hail lasted 3 minutes, but then quieted down and continued for a while as she went back to sleep. In the morning she found relict hail stones up to 5/8" in diameter. Precipitation record next morning was .76 in. I am submitting a great hail pad that clearly exhibits berms in the aluminum foil separating areas of hail buildup. I recommend that this hail pad be measured by someone with a calibrated eye to make up for inadequate observations made on site in my absence. Added count. Largest hail indentation (1/2") is in the bottom of the 4th quadrant. CK
Hailstone Information
Largest Size: 5/8"
Average Size: Rice
Smallest Size: Rice
Stone Consistency: Mixed
Hail Storm Information
Duration Minutes: 3
Duration Accuracy: 3min
Timing: Continuous
More Rain than Hail: True
Hail Started: Before rain
Largest Hail Started: Before smaller hail
Damage: minor leaf damage
Hail pad information
Angle of Impact: 30-40
Number of Stones On Pad: 1990
Distance Between Stones On Pad: 0.1
Depth Of Stones on Ground:
Has Samples: False