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Hail Report  
Hail Report Information
Station Number: WI-ON-4
Station Name: Rhinelander 0.6 SSW
Date: 5/31/2021 3:38 PM
Submitted 6/02/2021 11:03 AM
Taken at registered location: True
Notes: The rain began sporadically, and the hail started almost immediately after the heaviest rain began to fall. I had a nice crop of currants developing in the backyard and the hail stripped half the currants off the bushes. The asters had damage to the developing shoot tip. The hail came down very fast, and this was a very dense hail fall. The ground under the grass was completely covered by hail, and the valley in the neighbor's roof looked like it had quite a bit of snow laying in it. The larger hailstones (1/2-3/4 inches) were uncommon, but when they occured they all looked alike. they were shaped like a child's toy top, or a dreidl, and the lower 2/3--the pointed part--was banded. Around the midpoint of the stone, there would be a clear band, then below that, an opaque band, then the tip would be clear. All the hailstones, including the larger ones, were nubby or knobby--they were not smoothe. Only the large stones had clear ice--all the others were opaque. From 3:56 to 3:58 on the same afternoon, a second brief hailstorm occured. this storm contained many fewer hailstones, and the rain was only moderate instead of a deluge like before. 0.71 inches of rain fell during the first storm, and 0.16 inches of rain fell during the second storm.
Hailstone Information
Largest Size: 3/4" Penny Size
Average Size: 3/8"
Smallest Size: 1/4" Pea Size
Stone Consistency: Hard, Clear Ice, White Ice
Hail Storm Information
Duration Minutes: 11
Duration Accuracy: 1min
Timing: Continuous
More Rain than Hail: False
Hail Started: After rain
Largest Hail Started: Same time as smaller hail
Damage: minor leaf damage.shredded leaves
Hail pad information
Angle of Impact: vertical
Number of Stones On Pad:
Distance Between Stones On Pad: 0
Depth Of Stones on Ground: 1
Has Samples: False